Here's When to Book Your Flights for the Best Deals

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CheapAir just released its annual airfare study, analyzing 921 million airfares from 2.9 million different trips to find how far in advance travelers should purchase flights for the best deals.

The study found that 54 days out is the best time to find deals on domestic flights in the continental U.S., while the best time to book flights to Hawaii is 79 days ahead; the Caribbean, 76; and Mexico and Central America, 61.

Meanwhile, European flights should be booked 99 days in advance, South American flights 81 days in advance, Asian flights 90 days in advance, flights to the Middle East and Africa 119 days in advance, and flights to the South Pacific 89 days in advance.

Travelers will also find the best deals during the prime booking window of 21 to 105 days before a trip, when fares fall within five percent of their lowest price, according to the study.

CheapAir also found that the time of the year affects flight prices, which is why they broke down the best time to buy flights each season.

For summer flights, the best price was 76 days in advance, while the prime booking window falls anywhere from 21 to 140 days before the trip.

For fall flights, the best time to buy is 47 days out with a prime booking window anywhere from 21 to 91 days in advance. Winter flights had the best deals 54 days in advance and a prime booking window that fell 21 to 86 days before the trip.

For spring flights, it’s best to book 75 days in advance, or during the prime booking window of 21 to 105 days in advance.

Finally, while CheapAir found that the day of the week you buy an airline ticket doesn’t really matter, the day you fly does.

Their results show that Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days to fly, with an average savings of $73 per ticket, while Sunday is the most expensive day to fly.

While the information can be helpful as a general guideline when planning your next trip, it’s important to remember that airfares fluctuate greatly, which is why it’s also good to know about the travel hacks that will save you money on flights and the best tools that are out there to help you get deals.

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