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By Lindsey Campbell
August 24, 2016
The One Trick You Need to Know Before Visiting Central Park
Credit: Michele Falzone/Getty Images

Navigating New York City’s Central Park is no easy task. The 843-acre park can pull you in to its many pathways and sections with seemingly no way out. But, the park’s lampposts hold the key to any visitor’s escape. On the base of all 1,600 of the posts there are numbers—the first two point to the closest cross streets and the last indicates whether you are on the east or west side of town. Here’s the full breakdown. [Curbed]

Now that the Olympics are over and spectators and teams have left Rio behind, one an only wonder about what happens to expansive stadium that garnered so much attention in the last few weeks. Here, a look at abandoned Olympic venues from around the world. [CBS News]

As travelers and destination try to minimize their carbon footprint around the world, it seems one country has figured it out: Costa Rica. The tropical Central America nation has used only renewable resources for the past 115 days. [inhabitat]

It’s no secret travel boosts your mood, but just incase you’re in need of a pick-me-up and you can’t hit the road right this instant, here are 30 habits that will increase your mental happiness. [Observer]

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