Chrissy Teigen John Legend Airport Travel
Credit: starzfly/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Time and time again Chrissy Teigen proves she’s just like the rest of us. From her love of great food and travel to her serious dedication to social media, Teigen always comes off as relatable.

Take, for example, the recent headlines Teigen made after her flight to Tokyo had to turn around due to an errant passenger on board. While the story was crazy, what also left fans scratching their heads was the fact that she and her superstar husband John Legend actually fly commercial.

As a fan asked on Twitter, “Serious question. Why don’t you guys fly private?”

It’s a fair question considering Teigen’s net worth is reportedly somewhere around $10 million and her husband’s is in the $40 million ballpark. But Teigen’s reply proved that all that money doesn’t mean a thing, especially when it comes to airfare.

“A lot of people have been asking this,” she tweeted. “And I would just like you all to know that a round trip international private flight is like...300,000 dollars.”

While the famous pair doesn’t throw down on a ridiculously priced private plane, they aren't exactly flying economy. Teigen and Legend were likely seated in first class for their flight, which, according to ANA, costs about $17,000 a ticket for a weekend trip to Japan.

And though Teigen’s estimate is high, it’s not that far off from reality on how much a private jet from LAX to Tokyo would really cost. According to an instant quote from, a long-range trip like that would cost somewhere around $126,000. So even if Teigen and Legend flew first class at $36,000, they’d still be saving $92,000 over a private plane. They are also being eco-friendly, since traveling by private plane leaves a pretty heavy carbon footprint.

And hey, for you this means the possibility of being seated next to Teigen and Legend on your next flight. Wouldn’t that be a trip?