By Amy Schellenbaum
March 05, 2015
Conan O'Brien, TV, host, comedy, travel, Cuba
Credit: Team Coco

For last night's much-ballyhooed special edition of Conan, funnyman Conan O'Brien traveled to Havana, Cuba, where he, clad in a cream-colored suit, dined at a family-owned paladar (alongside statues of Jesus and Karl Marx), joined a salsa band and learned a bit of Cuban slang from the world's most patient Spanish teacher.

For many in the U.S., it's a first look inside a country that has recently become much more assessible for American tourists. It's also just an amazing piece of travel lampoon.

So what did he find? Mojitos and piles of Cuban food "so good I'm starting to forget I'm alone." Mercados chock-a-block with jars of olives and bottles of vino seco. "Artists" that make some of the most coveted Cuban cigars that exist. The beautiful oceanside esplanade in Malecón. It's all about as fascinating and beautiful as it is hilarious.

Take it away, Coco:

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