Iconic spots where movie star royalty has walked before you.

By Jane Szita
February 26, 2016
Courtesy of Hotel Pulitzer

If the Oscars are inspiring you to pay homage to all things Hollywood, here are the places in Amsterdam to go. Here’s what to see and do in this capital city that will follow in the steps of your favourite movie stars.

Stay: Pulitzer Hotel

Featured in Ocean’s Twelve, if the Pulitzer was good enough for Brad Pitt, George Clooney and team, then it’s good enough for you. The hotel, a collection of 25 different canal houses dating back 400 years, has been undergoing a stylish refurbishment. Check out the wonderful new restaurant Jansz, which opens this week. Classy rather than glitzy, the food—prepared under the auspices of New York chef Cassidy Hallman—has real star quality.

Stay: American Hotel

Just the place to indulge in a cocktail or a coffee, the Art Deco landmark the American Hotel starred in The Fault in Our Stars—although in the movie, it’s called the Hotel De Filosoof. You can also echo Augustus and Hazel’s by heading to the Anne Frank House and the Rijksmuseum (which you probably would have done anyway).

Visit: The Fault in Our Stars Bench

The most famous scene in the teen tearjerker took place when Augustus and Hazel got together on this bench near the intersection of two beautiful Amsterdam canals. Head to Leidesegracht 2-4 to see it.

The Magere Brug

Amsterdam’s famous ‘skinny bridge’ had a role in the Bond classic Diamonds are Forever, and its graceful 18th century proportions are worth seeing at any time. Bond fans may also like to stroll along the Reguliersgracht (where Bond girl Tiffany Case lived).

Jane Szita is on the Netherlands beat for Travel + Leisure. She lives in Amsterdam.