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Amazon lockers at Coachella with Vanessa Hudgens
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Vanessa Hudgens is hands down the Queen of Coachella. In fact, she may just be the empress of all festivals around the globe. So, when we were granted an audience with her at her kingdom — otherwise known as the Empire Polo Grounds where the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is held — we simply couldn’t say no.

Hudgens was not only there to enjoy the music festival (as she has done for the last decade), but she was also on hand to introduce Amazon’s first-ever Coachella storefront, which allowed festival-goers to shop all of their must-have items and have them delivered right to the grounds.

So, what did Hudgens order for herself? We stopped in to find out, and learn more about her festival packing essentials.

Travel + Leisure: Do you prefer a backpack, a cross-body bag, or something totally different?

Vanessa Hudgens: "Always a backpack. Always. Because then you don't have to worry about it. With a backpack, I just throw it down, I can rough around, and then it can fit everything I need to in it."

What’s one thing you always put in your festival backpack?

"A tapestry. I always like bring a tapestry to sit on so you're not just sitting on the grass. I just link it into my backpack straps."

What are the things you love to bring in your bag to make sure you have a great time?

"I love essential oils because it's really hot and dusty and I feel like essential oils just like awaken the senses. I love hand sanitizer, a portable fan, a hat, a portable charger, and sunscreen."

Do you have any favorite sunscreens?

"Yes, I have my Drunk Elephant Sunscreen I love their lip balm as well."

What about shoes? Do you have a favorite you always wear to festivals?

"I did wear this pair of tan boots for the longest time, but they were getting really beaten up. Trudging around in boots you need to have a comfortable pair. Last year I wore my Doc Martens, but I broke them in a week beforehand, so then I was ready to conquer the grounds. And, this year, I brought my Naked Wolf platform sneakers because they're really comfortable. And, since I'm 5-foot-3, I need all the height I can get."

What are the items you’d order to your Amazon Locker?

"Earbuds. I forgot that it's loud here and I'm a grandma and I don’t love the idea of going deaf earlier than need be. And Benadryl. And another thing that I was going to get is light-up shoelaces to string onto my sneakers for later in the night."

What makes Coachella so special anyway?

"I think the fact that this is like probably my 10th year, it's become a tradition. I love having markers throughout my years to represent the time. And this is always like a great time filled with great memories. I love music and I love Coachella because it's on a polo field, you actually have grass underneath your feet."

Any tips for first-time attendees?

"Be OK with not following through with your plan. It can be very overwhelming. There is probably a ton of things that you want to do, but trust your instincts and go with what feels right at that moment."

There's still time to order festival gear to your Amazon Locker for Coachella weekend two, which kicks off this Friday, April 19.