Tom Hanks on the other hand, kind of questionable.

By Nina Ruggiero
Updated: February 09, 2017
Getty Images; Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Given the chance to pack your bags and head on a dream trip with any celebrity, who would you choose—and where would you go?

If Jennifer Aniston or Tom Hanks just came to mind, you're probably Canadian. asked Canadians which stars they would most want to vacation with, and Aniston took the top spot with 24 percent of the vote, narrowly beating out Ellen DeGeneres' 23 percent. Next in line were Celine Dion (16 percent), Angelina Jolie (15 percent), and Rachel McAdams (13 percent). 

Now, on the female side of things, we totally see where Canada is coming from. Fun yet laid-back, Aniston seems like she'd be the perfect travel companion. She'd even take one for the team and sit in the middle seat, if that Emirates ad was any indication, and she'd definitely have some sweet travel-sized Aveeno products to share. 

But when it comes to the male celebs Canadians would bring along, things get kind of weird. Tom Hanks came in at number one with 29 percent of the vote, gliding past George Clooney's 19 percent. Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt tied at third with 17 percent, and Leonardo DiCaprio fell just behind at 16 percent. 

First of all, when given the option of taking an entire vacation narrated by the soothing voice of Morgan Freeman, you do not pass that up. Second, we all know Brad Pitt allegedly gets a bit moody in the skies, but George Clooney and Leo DiCaprio have résumés filled with skills like lounging at lakefront Italian villas and buying private islands, and you guys pick Tom Hanks? Have you even ever seen Captain Phillips? What about Castaway?! The guy is clearly cursed when it comes to travel.

But we digress.

In terms of where they would like to go with their celebrity companions, the Edmonton Sun reports Canadians picked New York City (24 percent), followed by Paris (21 percent), London (20 percent), the Caribbean (18 percent), and Dubai (17 percent). 

Only 21 percent admitted they would spend the trip taking constant selfies with Jen and Tom. In related news, 79 percent of Canadians are liars.