But they played with puppies after — thankfully.

By Cailey Rizzo
October 18, 2019
Andrew Parsons/Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton’s flight from Lahore to Islamabad in Pakistan on Thursday was forced to return to its origin airport after two failed landings due to severe weather.

The journey should have taken about 26 minutes, but according to a journalist onboard the pilot circled around Islamabad for an hour. He attempted two landings but could not complete either because of the lightning and thunder and was forced to return to Lahore. The royal couple was traveling with their staff and a team of journalists.

After the turbulence, Prince William — a Royal Air Force pilot — tried to make light of the scary situation, according to an ITV reporter.

"Prince William (a pilot) just joked that *he was fine. Even if the rest of the plane and royal press corps were looking a little shaken," the journalist shared on Twitter, in addition to live updates of the ordeal.

The royal couple spent the night in a hotel before resuming their tour of Pakistan.

“‘I think it was quite an adventure really, it was pretty bumpy up there,” Middleton said, according to ITV News. “But we were looked after so wonderfully by the RAF who did a great job liaising with everyone and got us home safely, so we are hugely grateful to them."

The trip resumed to Islamabad the following day, where the couple had the best stress relief: playing with puppies. People reported that they took yellow Labrador puppies, Sky and Salto, out on an agility course at the Army Canine Centre in Islamabad.

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The dogs are being trained to detect explosives, modeled after a program developed in the UK.

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Prince William and Middleton have boarded their flight back to London after a five-day journey in Pakistan that included visits to a school for girls’ education, a rapidly-melting glacier and even a cricket match.