This Is How Billy Porter Stays Healthy While Traveling, Working, and Slaying Red Carpets

On set, in the studio, or in the sky — no matter where he's off to, the Pose star has health on-the-go covered.

Actor and singer Billy Porter mopping a living room floor
Photo: Courtesy of Clorox

It's no secret that Billy Porter is having a moment. Whether he's jetsetting off to fashion weeks across the globe or sauntering down the red carpet clad in creative 'fits (looking at you, curtain hat!), Porter, who also stars on FX's theatrical drama Pose, is seemingly everywhere. But behind all those glamorous appearances is one jam-packed schedule filled with TV and movie shoots, studio recording sessions, and lots of flights in between.

Fresh off the heels of his new partnership with Clorox's Scentiva line for their "Yas Clean!" Sweepstakes, we caught up with the multi-talent about staying healthy while traveling, loving London, and working on projects like the upcoming "Cinderella" film, co-starring Camila Cabello and Idina Menzel.

Travel + Leisure: You've been traveling all over the world lately, going to fashion weeks in different cities and working on projects. What's something you've recently been packing with you everywhere you go?

Billy Porter: "Well, I [recently] learned about the Scentiva wipes. Because of what's been going on these days, I actually have been checking myself with the disinfectant Scentiva wipes and making sure that my stuff is wiped down and clean."

Which city that you've spent time in lately has been your favorite?

"London! I looove London. I don't know, I just love the energy. I think it's because Europe values the arts, and it's a European city that speaks English, because I don't speak another language, unfortunately. And also, you can always see the sky wherever you are! There aren't really skyscrapers, so you can see the sky pretty much from wherever you are. It's great."

You're known to slay red carpets and awards shows with your unforgettable fashion moments. Where can we expect to see you show up and show out next?

"I'm taking a break [from public events] because I'm going back into Pose season three on Wednesday. But looking my best isn't just about what I'm wearing, it's about how I feel. It's about that feeling, and that feeling starts at home. It starts when my space is clean, when I'm cleaning my home, when I'm decluttering my space — that really kind of keeps me focused and boosts my mood."

How have you been staying germ-free while traveling? What tips can you give us?

"I wash my hands incessantly. You have to wash your hands incessantly to kill the bacteria! That is the CDC's recommendation. And then Scentiva actually kills 99.9% of the bacteria [on surfaces], and there's no bleach in it, which is really awesome. And it smells real good, too! You can use it on handles, you can use it on your countertops, to wipe down your travel bathrooms, that scummy shower glass, all of that stuff."

Besides traveling and spending time at fashion weeks, what are you working on right now? Tell us about your upcoming projects like season three of Pose and the new "Cinderella" movie, where you'll play the Fairy Godmother.

"'Cinderella' is happening. I actually was just in London shooting that, we wrapped on Friday. Well, I wrapped on Friday, they continue on. Pose season three starts soon, and interestingly enough that's when I can take a break from all this other stuff. I'm also doing the new film of "Little Shop of Horrors," and I'm working on some new music! So there's a lot coming up. I have a new single that's coming out in probably about three weeks, and then I have two more singles through the year, and a full album in 2021."

You've spent a lot of time in New York City, between performing on Broadway and filming different projects in the city. What is one thing you do or see every time you're in town?

"I really think Central Park is a place where I can detox and be in the open air. It's very calming. A lot of people use it. I don't know that a lot of people outside of the city realize how big and expansive it is and how healing it can be. That's one of the things I would make sure that other people do [when they visit]."

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