If you're looking for makeshift travel experts look no further than Bloomberg TV hosts Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, who each fly more than 100,000 miles every year. Here they talk to T+L about their favorite airline cabins, their preflight rituals, and their hotel breakfast standbys.

By Grant Martin
April 09, 2015
© Brigitte Lacombe

How many miles would you estimate you travel every year?
JH: Always more than 100,000.
MH: Thousand and thousands. Counting them would be too daunting.

Preferred airline?
JH: Delta, because there’s WiFi on almost every flight, a decent rewards program, and the Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia.

Favorite airline cabin?
JH: Any with lie-flat seats that are long enough for someone six foot five (which is to say, not many).
MH: First class on any Japanese airline.

Airplane hobbies?
JH: Sleeping, drinking, sleeping, drinking; Scrabble on the iPad if I'm with my wife (even though she kicks my ass almost every time).

Favorite airport?
JH: Eagle County Airport outside of Vail, Colorado. A tiny airport where big jets can land, with non-stop flights from NYC. Arriving there means I'll soon be at one of my favorite hotels, the Ritz Carlton, Bachelor Gulch, and a few minutes later, on the mountain. The anticipatory bliss is overwhelming.
MH: The one I’m leaving.

Preflight rituals?
JH: Double-, then triple-checking that I have all of my portable electronics (iPad, iPhone, MacBook Air, Bowers & Wilkins P-5 headphones, etc.) and charging accessories for said devices.

Preferred hotel chain?
MH: All Marriott properties, especially Ritz-Carlton.

Favorite hotels in the world?
JH: The aforementioned Ritz-Bachelor Gulch. The Hotel de Russie in Rome, for the amazing food, the glorious courtyard, and the location just off the Piazza del Popolo; the Tokyo Park Hyatt, for the "Lost in Translation" lounge, the 47th-floor glass-roofed swimming pool and gym, and the clear-day views of Mount Fuji.

Hotel breakfast standby?
JH: Strong coffee, protein smoothie, something involving eggs.
MH: Traditional Japanese breakfast.

Go-to carry-on luggage?
JH: The same black leather duffle I bought on the street in Florence about 20 years ago. It's spacious, light, and (apparently) indestructible.
MH: Tumi. It’s as large as possible and still fits in (most) overheads.

Pro packing tips?
JH: You really only need one tie: a black or navy knit, which goes with everything.
MH: Muji clothes pouches.

Must-pack items?
JH: Multiple pairs of sunglasses. Just because.
MH: Workout clothes and shoes.

Favorite travel gadget?
JH: The super-thin Vorson Bookmark backup battery for mobile devices.

Biggest travel mishap?
MH: Former and current TV producers don’t let those happen.

Where are you going next?
JH: Park City, Utah, for the Sundance Film Festival (and my birthday).
MH: San Diego–as I type this.

Most frequent destinations?
JH: Domestic: Washington, D.C., because of my job; Los Angeles, California, because of family; Austin, Texas, because of the tacos, the barbecue, and the music; Boston, Massachusetts, because of the Red Sox. International: all points Italy, because of ... well, you know.
MH: Iowa and New Hampshire, because of presidential politics. Tokyo and Italy because, obviously, the food.

Go-to blazer or suit when on the road?
JH: None. I like to mix it up.
MH: Armani.