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April 17, 2017
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Good news for both fans of The Police and lovers of palatial coastal estates! Sting’s Malibu beach home is yours for the taking — well, if you have at least $200,000 to spare (or your name is Roxanne — just kidding).

Literally steps from the beach, with seven-bedrooms and ten-bathrooms spread over 5,549 square feet, the sprawling Southwestern-style home is an absolute paradise. We can all but guarantee every breath you take on the seaside premises will soothe your soul.

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But don’t fall in love too fast — according to Trulia, the Malibu property is only available for short-term rental. Sting retains ownership of the mansion and we can completely see why. If the coastal beaut was in our name, we’d never let it go. Honestly, “I Can’t Stand Losing You” was probably written about this very beach house.

Built in 1927, the gated Oceanside home is a classic gem of modern architecture. We can’t imagine any renter would be disappointed by the spread — no need to send an SOS to the world if you’re lounging in Sting’s beach house.

Scroll down below for a closer look at the musician's Malibu digs.

Courtesy of Trulia

The Living Room

With brick floors and raw wooden ceiling beams, this earthy living area hints of the ocean just beyond with its calming turquoise seating area.

Courtesy of Trulia

The Deck

The ideal lounging venue, the outside deck combines the luxury of the home's interior with the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Courtesy of Trulia

The Kitchen

Fit for a king (of new-wave rock), this roomy kitchen is almost as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

Courtesy of Trulia

The Sitting Area

Bathed in rich and complementary tones, this soothing sitting area doubles as a performance venue.

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Courtesy of Trulia

The Gym

This spacious home gym allows for a glimpse of the outdoors with its skylight panel.

Courtesy of Trulia

The Dining Room

This medieval-style dining area is the perfect size for an intimate family dinner.

Courtesy of Trulia

The Living Room

The calming coral-hued living room has more than enough space to seat every member of The Police.

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Courtesy of Trulia

The View

To top it all off, this amazing view is there to greet you each and every day.