Mr. Tucci is the soothing bartender you need right now.
Actor, Stanley Tucci
Credit: Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images

Stanley Tucci is out here single-handedly soothing the entire world.

On Monday, the beloved actor took to his Instagram channel to walk fans through the steps to making a Negroni cocktail. However, again, this is Stanley Tucci we are talking about, so of course it came with a smooth voice and a calming tone that we all desperately need during the time of quarantine.

In case you needed a written play-by-play of the video here’s how the three-minute video breaks down:

Tucci starts the video by asking his wife (literary agent Felicity Blunt, sister to Tucci’s co-star Emily Blunt) if she'd like a Negroni for their nightly cocktail. And really, who’s going to say no to Tucci? She replies with an enthusiastic yes, and he gets to work.

With some extra smooth jazz playing in the background, Tucci walks through the steps to make a cocktail, starting with a bit of ice followed by a double shot of gin. He says you could replace this with vodka, but we think he’s just being polite, so stick with gin.

Next, he adds a shot of sweet vermouth, noting it’s key to go for the good stuff. Finish it off with a single shot of Campari, give it a good shake and strain it into a glass. Garnish it with a bit of orange and you’re good to go.

Taking a peek at the comments of the video and it’s clear to see that people needed someone like Tucci at a time like this.

“Being in quarantine has made me appreciate this man so much more,” one commenter noted. “Please make a cocktail a night,” another added. Even our friends at Departures Magazine got in on the action commenting,  “Cheers, Stanley! More of these please.” And we concur.  Stanley, do us all a favor and do this every night until this is all over. Please.