Snoop Dogg Gets Real About the One Thing Helping Him Chillax in 2020

The hip-hop star spoke with T+L about Super Mario, Jamaica, and how to stay positive right now.

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Considering that 2020 has not gone the way any of us planned, we've really leaned into leisure here at Travel + Leisure.

With travel being complicated due to the global coronavirus pandemic, we've found plenty of ways to stay busy, like taking virtual tours of museums and hundreds of other fun things to do at home. And now, we're turning to one of the foremost experts on leisure, Snoop Dogg, to ask about one of his favorite ways to stay entertained — and no, it's not the one you're thinking of.

We're talking about gaming.

An avid gamer, Snoop is more involved than just playing games, he loaned his voice to Call of Duty: Ghosts and even has his own mobile game Snoop Dogg's Rap Empire' where players can rise up through the ranks of hip hop by creating their own tracks to become a successful artist.

To share his love of gaming with the world, Snoop recently partnered with Klarna, a company that lets you shop at any online retailer and pay for your purchase later in four interest-free installments, on their Playing for Keeps campaign. On Oct. 27 and 29, Klarna brought gamers around the world together on Twitch to challenge professionals using some of the best equipment money can buy — and Snoop dropped in to create some beats.

T+L caught up with Snoop Dogg over email to chat about how he's leaning into leisure, why he partnered with Klarna, and where he hopes to travel once we're able to move about freely again — fo shizzle.

Travel + Leisure: With travel being complicated for many people right now, has gaming been a different form of escape for you?

Snoop Dogg: "I've definitely stepped my gaming up during quarantine. I treat it like a sport so it's a competitive escape for me. When I power up, I am focused and ready to play."

When you're gaming, where do you "go?" What games do you love?

"I'm 100 percent Madden! That's mostly what you will find me playing."

Who is your go-to character on Mario Kart?

"C'mon. I'm an OG like Mario. So I have to go with the OG."

Why did you decide to partner with Klarna, and what can you tell us about "Playing for Keeps?"

"Klarna and I have been working together for a long time. I have been a fan of the brand since the early days of the company. I was in a great campaign with them already."

What are your go-to essentials for travel that you can buy on Klarna?

"My travel essentials are my headphones, my sunglasses, my silk scarf, and a bottle of that Snoop Dogg Cali Red Wine. I gotta stay incognito on the road."

What's your all-time favorite vacation you've ever taken?

"Hard to say because I've been around the world and back several times. I've got fans all over the world. It's usually work and play when I travel. I loved my time in Jamaica a few years ago when we were filming Reincarnated. That was a beautiful experience."

Once the world opens back up, where's the place you'd love to go the most?

"I'm so used to being on the road and performing for my fans. I'm just looking forward to getting back to work. Excited to get back to Europe, Canada, South America, should I keep going?"

What's the one thing you absolutely have to have with you when you travel?

"I just need something green when I land."

Lastly, as we continue to ride out the pandemic, what advice do you have for people to stay as chillaxed as you?

"Just stay positive. We're gonna come out of this. Hopefully it will unite us and make us stronger. You gotta give love to get love."

Tanner Saunders is the Associate Digital Editor of Travel + Leisure. His favorite Mario character is obviously Peach. Follow him on Instagram @Tizanner.

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