By Melissa Locker
March 21, 2016
Credit: Getty Images

According to Instagram, rapper Snoop Dogg—of Drop it Like its Hot fame— has been hanging out in a tiny village in Romania.

The rapper announced that he was in Bogata, Romania by tagging the location— two small towns five hours from Bucharest—in an Instagram post. It was exciting news for the some 1,900 residents of Bogata, and soon Romanians from all over were filling the comment section with notes of pride.

But it was all a mistake. The rapper meant to tag himself in Bogotá, Colombia, where he’s on tour.

While Snoop Dogg may not be visiting any time soon, the village of Bogata has taken the news in stride, it seems, and jumped into action to make the most of the unexpected publicity. According to the BBC, local mayor Laszlo Barta realized Snoop's error and decided to use the typo to promote the destination. "It was a mistake but it's a good advert for us," he said.

The tourism board crafted a new website explaining that while Snoop Dogg checked into Bogata by mistake, tourists should check out the city intentionally, because it is “the best place for chillin’ in Romania.” The site described Bogata as "the perfect place to be if you want to relax in nature and take in all it has to offer,” including camping on the River Mureș, dining on Gulyas, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Biertan Fortified Church in Transylvania.