Snoop Dogg Canada Rumor
Credit: Rick Kern/WireImage

It's been an emotional week for Snoop Dogg. The good: Proposition 64 was legalized in California, meaning recreational marijuana is now legal to use, own, share, and grow in your own home in the rapper's home state, according to TIME. Given Snoop's history with weed, this was surely a moment to celebrate.

The bad: Snoop Dogg made it very clear that he wasn't pleased with the presidential results, and like many other people he took to social media to share his thoughts.

He posted an Instagram of the CN Tower, calling Canada his "new home" and asking fellow musician Drake for his help finding some property in the area.

We can only hope the new president elect will someday make an appearance on Snoop's new Potluck Dinner Party show with Martha Stewart.