By Adeline Duff
Updated August 15, 2016
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Kira Turnbull

Our reader-favorite series, The T+L Carry-On, lets fans take a look into the (actual) travel essentials of high profile, frequent-flying celebrities; below, we’ll be taking you through model and entrepreneur Lindsay Ellingson’s must-pack items, so you can jet-set in style just like her.

Courtesy of Valextra


“My favorite luggage is by Valextra,” says Ellingson. “It’s the most chic, the most durable, and it’s gorgeous. I’ve been traveling with my Valextra bags for years, and they really hold up and keep me looking chic on the go.”

$5,975, buy it here.

Courtesy of Wendy Nichol


“I love Wendy Nichol—she makes handmade bags down in SoHo. They’re almost like fanny packs, so you don’t have to worry about your money getting stolen."

$995, buy it here.

Courtesy of Net-A-Porter


“I love a scarf that you can drape over your neck, but you can also wear as a sarong.”

$195, buy it here.

Courtesy of Amazon


When it comes to her travel style, Ellingson is all about comfort. “I like to be cozy. Literally, I’ll just wear a pair of Converse—but it depends on where I’m going."

$50, buy it here.

Courtesy of Amazon


The former Victoria’s Secret Angel swears by Slip’s hypoallergenic silk sleep mask, which is made of mulberry silk, contains no toxic dyes, and helps prevent signs of aging.

$45, buy it here.

Courtesy of Amazon


Visine is a must-pack for Ellingson; eyedrops are known to help reduce redness and dehydration caused by air travel.

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Courtesy of Sephora


The Wander Beauty co-founder and creative director loves using her own products, which are specifically designed for those on-the-go. “Our Wanderout Dual Lipsticks each have two shades—one neutral, one bright—so they’re the perfect pair of lipsticks to travel with, whatever your plans may be.”

$30, buy it here.

Courtesy of Amazon


“I always have my Klorane eye patches, which I literally wear on the flight, and then I take my Slip silk sleep mask and put that over my eyes and fall asleep—after I’ve had a large quart of water."

$24, buy it here.

Courtesy of Amazon


Ellingson always travels with Bioderma’s cult-favorite micellar water to cleanse her skin on flights.

$9.99, buy it here.

Courtesy of Wen


“Wen’s Six Thirteen Travel Packettes are great because you can just throw them in your carry-on, as they’re not technically considered liquids."

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Ellingson “loves to travel with a lot of calming oils.” One of her favorites is Bach’s Rescue Remedy, which is a natural stress reliever.

$6.88, buy it here.

Courtesy of Pratima


Pratima Rejuvinating Essential Oil is one of two oils that Ellingson mixes during travel.

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“Pratima Spa has this Rejuvenating Essential Oil [above], and one with liposomes. You mix these two together and they hydrate your skin on a much deeper level than a regular moisturizer.”

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The model turned entrepreneur also blends Amma’s Rose; “I put this in my wrists and just blend it in. It’s a great scent to calm your mind and transport you back to your Yoga class back at home."

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Courtesy of Sephora


“Our On-The-Glow Blush and Illuminator is perfect for after a long flight when your skin looks a little bit dull or tired,” says the Wander Beauty creative director. “You just put a little bit of blush on your cheeks, illuminator on your cheekbones and it instantly makes you look more awake.”

$42, buy it here.

Courtesy of Acne


Ellingson’s go-to travel outfit? Jeans with a bit of stretch, and oversized sweaters, like this one from Acne.

$340, buy it here.

Courtesy of Sephora


“We don’t create anything unless they’re the essentials you have to have in your beauty bag,” says Ellingson. “Our Flash Focus Hydrating Foundation Stick is great because you can use it as a spot corrector, or as an all-over foundation.”

$40, buy it here.

Courtesy of Sunken Ship


Ellingson always wears her Nantucket sweatshirt—which she got when she was visiting for a wedding—when she travels, because of how worn-in and comfortable it is.

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