Shay Mitchell Adventurist Travel Oasis of the Seas Royal Caribbean
Credit: Courtesy of Shay Mitchell

Many celebrities take amazing vacations, but not many document them quite as well as actress Shay Mitchell. With her YouTube series, “Shaycation,” Mitchell has taken fans around the world to places like Greece, Africa, and Morocco, sharing everything from the food and gorgeous scenery to her can’t-miss activities.

Now, the avid traveler is partnering with Royal Caribbean, as their very first “Adventurist.”

We caught up with the author and former model to talk all things travel, from the epic adventures and cruises she’s been on lately to what she never leaves home without.

Travel + Leisure: What is your best travel tip?

Shay Mitchell: “Going with a group of people you love being around is great, but also just being open and saying ‘Yes’ to things you wouldn’t say yes to before.”

Do you have a go-to travel outfit?

“I like to travel with a lot of layers, just because airplane temperatures change, I want to be able to take a sweater off and have a tank top underneath. I always have an extra pair of socks with me.”

Shay Mitchell Adventurist Travel Nassau Bahamas
Credit: Courtesy of Shay Mitchell

What are the top 5 things you pack for a Caribbean vacation?

“Running shoes, iPhone and a lot of chargers, bathing suit, and a waterproof case for my phone. I also travel with hot sauce so I always have that on me.”

Tell us about your partnership with Royal Caribbean.

“This was super exciting for me. My goal is just to show viewers all of the things that Royal Caribbean has to offer. I brought my 89-year-old grandmother [on a recent cruise on Oasis of the Seas], my friends and my family because there is something for everybody.”

What about cruising is adventurous?

“Show me a place that has a surf simulator, a rock-climbing wall, a zip line, an aqua theater ... because this was the most adventure I’ve had on any of my trips, and I’ve been on a lot of trips.

Shay Mitchell Adventurist Travel Royal Caribbean Rock Wall Ship
Credit: Courtesy of Shay Mitchell

“My dad and I had a rock-climbing competition, my mom went zip lining as we were heading to another beautiful destination — that’s what I want to show people.”

Any tips for first-time cruisers?

“Planning out what you’re wanting to do while you’re at port.”

Of all the places you went, do you have any favorites?

“We did something so fun in each place. In St. Maarten, we competed in an America’s Cup Regatta. Then we went to St. Thomas and took a private catamaran ride. There were so many amazing things we got to do at port I can’t just choose one.”