The "Pretty Little Liars" actress takes us along on her seriously scenic adventure.


Shay Mitchell is well-known for her drool-worthy vacation Instagram photos. However, it’s time to prepare yourself for an even bigger dose of jealousy, because the 30-year-old actress just released what might be the most epic, over-the-top, and stunning vacation home video of all time.

As Travel + Leisure previously reported, the “Pretty Little Liars” star spent her summer vacationing in Greece on what looks to be the most glamorous trip ever. During her travels, Mitchell shared more than a few photos showing off the sights, scenes, and her robust collection of bikinis.

And now, she’s upped the ante by releasing a 12-minute video of her travels, which features the same dazzling views as her Instagram, only this time with Mitchell narrating the group’s every move.

But what Mitchell also does best in this video is make Greece the star of the show. With its crystal blue waters, white-washed buildings and colorful culture, Greece shines through in Mitchell’s "Shaycation" video. She even takes us along on a secret excursion to a tiny unnamed town that she heard about via the locals. There, she strips down for a dip in the Mediterranean sea. Unfortunately, she keeps the location a secret to protect its pristine environment from droves of tourists.

And while Mitchell without question got a little star treatment on this trip (like getting a private boat via text), that doesn’t mean you can’t experience Greece like a pro, too. Check out T+L's in-depth guides to Santorini and Mykonos, and book your tickets to the Mediterranean ASAP. Now, if only Mitchell would invite us along for her next #Shaycation.