Buffy's got a sweet tooth (and a mission).

Sarah Michelle Gellar Machu Picchu

Sarah Michelle Gellar may be best known for role in the hit television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," but these days, the starlet is more interested in slaying chocolates than mythical beasts.

Gellar recently flew all the way to Peru to hunt down the world's perfect chocolate for her company, FoodStirs, a Los Angeles-based startup, which sells organic, GMO-free dessert mixes and baking kits. And luckily for both baking and travel enthusiasts, Gellar shared her entire journey on Instagram.

"Time to make the chocolate. The real (and most important) reason I was in Peru was to source the world's best chocolate," Gellar shared in a behind-the-scenes snap on Instagram. "At FoodStirs we only use the finest, non-gmo, organic, fair trade and sustainable ingredients the world has to offer. How do we know? Because we (literally) travel the world to find them."

Gellar went on to explain that she cares about both taste and where an ingredient was sourced from so she will always go the (literal) extra mile to find out.

"Anyone who knows me, knows I care equally about how my food tastes and what it takes to get it there. I want to know that from the farmers lives, to the factory and to you, people are treated fairly and ethically. So I present you the...finest and most delicious chocolate, made by me!!"

Sarah Michelle Gellar Machu Picchu

Beyond sourcing ingredients, Gellar also took time to truly experience some of the spectacular sights and history that Peru has to offer, including the ancient Sacsayhuaman structure in Cusco and of course Machu Picchu.

As she left Peru, Gellar shared one more image on Instagram, which she captioned:

"The look of someone sad to leave this amazing country. The people were amazing, the history was stunning, and the Pisco sour was way too delicious. (I learned quickly that when you are halfway through the second is when you really start to feel that first one). And best of all was, finding great partners for FoodStirs and feeling confident that we found the most ethically sourced, fairly traded, sustainable and best tasting chocolate. This trip in the win category. Adios Peru (until we meet again...and we will).

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