And surprisingly sophisticated.

Rolling Stone Airplane
Credit: YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images

When the Rolling Stones go on tour, they're not flying coach class with the rest of us. Instead, the band jets off in a personalized plane that is surprisingly sophisticated.

Even though the rock ‘n’ rollers still play as hard as ever after more than 45 years of touring, their custom Boeing 737-400 isn't furnished with zebra-print anything. Instead, it's outfitted with comfy, brown leather seats, according to Journal Now.

The exterior is, however, emblazoned with the band’s iconic red lips logo — guaranteeing that anyone watching this plane touch down will have no doubts about who the passengers are.

The jet, operated by the Phoenix-based company Swift Air (which flies elite sports teams and pop stars around North America), has 52 first-class seats and 30 economy seats, according to Swift Air’s chief operating officer, Boris van Lier.

According to the 2015 story in Journal Now, the personalized logo had to be a "rush job" commissioned to Lafayette, Louisiana-based company Solo Graphix. In order to avoid mistakes, company owner Roger Stakes and his son created and brought two sets of the giant logo.

Rolling Stone Airplane
Credit: Christopher Simon Sykes//Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Rolling Stone Airplane
Credit: Mark and Colleen Hayward/Redferns
Rolling Stone Airplane
Credit: Michael Putland/Getty Images

The Stones have always personalized their tour jets with the unmistakable lips and tongue graphic. During their On Fire tour in 2014, the band was also spotted on another personalized, private jet, according to the Daily Mail.

Turns out you can always get what you want. As long as you’re The Rolling Stones.