By Andrea Romano
December 02, 2019
Lester Cohen / Getty Images

It’s been a few years since music superstar/fashion mogul Rihanna and rock legend/former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney have been in the same room, but on a flight over Thanksgiving weekend, the pair finally caught up with each other, according to USA Today.

Rihanna posted a video on her Instagram Stories feed of McCartney standing in the aisle of a plane the two musicians were on. Sadly, the video has expired since it was posted, but it was recorded and reposted by another account. According to USA Today, both Rihanna and McCartney ran into each other on the flight entirely by coincidence.

Most people aren’t quite as enthusiastic when running into former coworkers, but also, not everyone’s former coworkers are music sensations.

The details of the flight are not clear, though USA Today reported that the flight was scheduled for Friday.

In the video, Rihanna can be heard saying, “I'm about to put you on blast, Mr. McCartney. How are you on this flight?” as McCartney looks at the camera, smiling. He says, “How are you on this flight?”

Rihanna laughs and jokes, “Who is this peasant filming this legend?”

We dare you to name a more iconic duo after watching this video. The entire exchange is so adorable and sweet, it makes us all wish we were there. According to USA Today, Rihanna captioned her meeting with McCartney with the hashtag, #RihUnion.

For those who are not quite sure how these two musical powerhouses know each other, Rihanna and McCartney worked with rapper Kanye West on the song “FourFiveSeconds” back in 2015, which was also on Rihanna’s album, "Anti." According to Entertainment Tonight, McCartney also worked with Kanye West on West’s track, “Only One.”

Could this chance meeting lead to the beginning of a new musical collaboration? Perhaps, only in our dreams.