Richard Branson Nighttime Bed Routine
Credit: Getty Images; Courtesy of Virgin (edited)

Richard Branson is a man we should all try to emulate. And in a new blog post, the wildly successful entrepreneur and philanthropist gave us a peek at how we can do just that.

On Monday, Branson revealed that he’s a true creature of habit, at least when it comes to his morning and nightly routines.

“Whether I’m traveling the world visiting our Virgin businesses, in the UK catching up with my family, or in the BVI with my wife Joan and guests, I always like to wrap up the evening with a sit-down dinner,” Branson wrote. He explained that the dining table is both a “wonderful setting for conversation and laughter.” He further revealed that many of his best and brightest ideas were dreamed up around the dinner table on Necker Island.

And, as Branson said, his dinner table isn’t just for immediate family members. Instead, Branson makes a true effort to invite local thought leaders to dine with him no matter where in the world he may be having dinner.

“Whenever I’m traveling, I like to invite local thought-leaders and change-makers to dinner, so that I can learn more about the social and cultural landscape of the countries in which Virgin is operating,” he said. “It’s incredibly important for me as a business leader to have my finger on the pulse and know what I’m talking about.”

Following his meal, Branson said that he likes to retreat and find a quiet space to enjoy a cup of tea and read through his emails and social media mentions. “Finishing the day reading your feedback on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram makes me feel very humbled,” he wrote, noting that he likes to then switch off any digital media well before heading to bed to allow his mind to unwind. According to Branson he does so by either reading a good book or watching a documentary in bed.

Then, he’ll switch off the lights and head to bed by 11 p.m. because, as he said, “I typically need five to six hours sleep to get the most out of my days.”

While Branson’s nightly routine seems great, he may need more than five or six hours a night to be at his best. As the Sleep Foundation recommends, men his age (67) should be getting between seven and eight hours a night for optimal health, though five to six could be considered an “appropriate” range. If he’s looking to catch more ZZZs perhaps Branson can try a favorite Travel + Leisure tip: Just open a window and let that cool, Caribbean breeze flow through his Necker Island estate.