The Royal Family Is Still Planning to Head to Balmoral for a Summer Vacation

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip will head to their home in Scotland for a well-deserved summer holiday.

Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, have had quite the spring and summer. In March, the reigning royals entered quarantine. But, like many people around the world, the two didn’t stop working. Instead, they continued to do their important work from home. Now, it appears the pair will go on their regularly scheduled summer holiday at their beloved home of Balmoral, but with all new safety guidelines in place.

In March, the duo entered quarantine along with a few dozen staff members to stay safe from the coronavirus. From her home, the Queen took video calls with U.K. citizens and sat in on meetings with the many charities she’s involved in. And, perhaps most importantly, this weekend, Elizabeth and Philip attended their granddaughter Beatrice’s wedding. (Don’t worry, as the photos show, the royals remained at a safe social distance.) Safe to say, it has been a busy time for the 94-year-old Queen and she truly deserves a break.

Though it seemed as if their summer travels to their home in Scotland may not happen, The Times is now reporting that the Queen, Philip, and a few close staff members will indeed make their way to Balmoral in the coming days for a well-deserved vacation.

According to the paper, the Queen will travel with staff members, most of whom have already been quarantining with the couple at Windsor Castle since the pandemic began. Those heading to Balmoral will either isolate themselves from their families, or are already living with their families at Windsor Castle.

While at Balmoral, the Queen will likely not entertain any guests. Though the paper noted that other members of the royal family will likely head to Balmoral, too, they will not be permitted to see the Queen inside the home and will only be allowed to dine with the Queen in outdoor spaces.

Three royals we know for certain will not be in attendance this year include Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and their son, Archie, as they have been isolating in the U.S. in California, which is one of the hardest-hit places in the nation for coronavirus. Even if the family wanted to travel to the U.K. for the summer, they cannot do so, due to current travel restrictions.

Typically, the Queen and her husband stay at Balmoral through the month of September, but with the pandemic, the royal rulebook is out the window. For now, we’ll just have to wait and watch what the entire family does next.

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