You won't see her at your local OTB.
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Credit: Carl De Souza/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth, to put it bluntly, is one very rich woman.

According to Bloomberg, her personal net worth is hovering somewhere around $425 million, which includes the Sandringham House valued at $65 million and Balmoral Castle, which is valued at an additional $140 million.

Beyond real estate, the queen has a diverse portfolio that, according to Fortune, includes owning a wide swath of downtown London, nearly half of the United Kingdom’s shoreline, and massive amounts of retail and industrial properties. But these are all kind of expected for a woman with a lineage like her's. What’s less expected is the astonishing amount of cash this lady rakes in every year from horse racing.

The Queen of England, CNN reported, has pulled in more than $8.8 million in winnings from horse racing prize money over the past three decades.

According to, her majesty’s thoroughbred race horses have all won a combined 451 victories from 2,815 races since 1988. This gives the Queen a winning percentage of 15.9 percent, making her the 11th most successful owner in flat racing over a three-decade period.

And as CNN also reported, 2016 was a banner year for the Queen and her team of horses, marking her most profitable year in recent decades, with earnings of $731,413. She’s already won an additional $542,531 in 2017.

But, as HuffPost noted, the Queen doesn’t pocket that cash, or bet it all at the tracks, either. Instead, she gives a large sum of it back to the trainers who work tirelessly to keep her horses in tip-top winning shape year after year.

And don’t forget, the Queen’s love of horses runs much deeper than simple winnings. In fact, her majesty's love of horses began when she was just four years old and was given a small Shetland pony as a gift from her grandfather. And at 91, the royal keeps her love alive by going on rides outside Windsor Castle whenever she can. Still, as much as she loves horses, we bet the Queen would be the first to tell you she loves her corgis just a little bit more.