Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
Credit: Dominic Lipinsk/WPA Pool/Getty Images

While paying a visit to the town of Coventry, located about 110 miles northwest of London, Prince William and Kate Middleton not only took part in church services and toured the community, but they also sat down with teens at the Positive Youth Foundation, where they discussed everything from the real issues young people face today to what music they like listening to.

“They were incredibly approachable and very well engaged – so much so I might even send them an application form for a job at the organization,” Rashid Bhayat, Positive Youth Foundation’s CEO, told People. “They were brilliant with the young people. They would be great to come and join us.”

According to Bhayat, the couple asked the teenagers all the right questions and proved “they are very in touch with matters that relate to young people. I think that a future King of England is so in touch with the livelihoods lifestyles of young people. Both of them were exceptional at breaking down barriers in the young people.”

Breaking down those barriers included William sharing what’s on his personal playlist. According to People, he told the teens he enjoys listening to a wide range of music including Coldplay, Linkin Park, and Eminem.

As for Kate, her questions were more focused on how the young people cope with mental health issues and other difficulties they may face.

“She was extremely comfortable about the kind of questions she was asking,” Susie Murphy, development officer with the organization, told People. “One of them referred to the organization as a family, and Kate — as quick as anything — said: ‘Is family something you missed out on?’ The answer was, ‘I have family, but they don’t always necessarily get me. So if I have a problem, or want to find out something this is the place I come to.’”

And really, if Bhayat actually asked the pair to join the organization, they would likely give all they could. After all, they are both patrons of several charities around the U.K. and appear to be more than happy to donate their time. At least, of course, until their third child arrives this April. Then they may have to be on diaper duty for a while.