See the Adorable Photos Kate Middleton Took of Prince Louis to Mark His 2nd Birthday

Louis' rainbow hands also send a message hope to people around the world.

Prince Louis' painted hands in celebration of his second birthday
Photo: Kensington Royal via Instagram

Need a little reprieve from all the heavy news of late? Just take a look at these adorable images Kensington Palace released in honor of Prince Louis’ second birthday.

On Thursday, the palace shared a series of snaps on social media to pay homage to the little prince. In the images, an adorable Prince Louis can be seen smiling ear-to-ear while he dips his hands into rainbow-colored paint.

“Sharing a sneak peek of Prince Louis’ handiwork ahead of his second birthday,” the palace shared in the caption. “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are pleased to share new images of Prince Louis, taken by The Duchess this April.”

Adorable? Yes. Reality for a two-year-old? Probably not. So, to show off a bit of the real scene, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared a second set of photos.

This post came with the caption, “Instagram vs Reality. Thank you for all your lovely messages on Prince Louis’ second birthday!”

The rainbow hands are most certainly cute, but they also come with a hopeful meaning.

As CNN reported, the rainbow has become a small symbol of hope during the coronavirus crisis in the United Kingdom. Children across the nation, just like Louis, have been painting rainbows and placing them in their windows to spread the message of hope even further.

The couple aren’t the only ones sharing a bit of birthday love for Louis. On Thursday, Clarence House shared its own Instagram post. In it, a loving Prince Charles holds onto his now two-year-old grandson in an adorable embrace.

“A very Happy Birthday to Prince Louis, who turns two today,” the caption reads. “The young Prince enjoys a hug from his Grandfather, The Prince of Wales.” This photo too, the caption noted, was taken by Kate Middleton herself. Now, if only she’d share her secret to removing paint from a toddler’s hands parents everywhere would most certainly be grateful.

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