Prince Harry Was Just Spotted Flying Commercial — Again

Prince Harry
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Prince Harry has been one busy man as of late. The royal welcomed his son, Master Archie, into the world earlier this month, but wasted little time getting back to work. And for Harry, that includes jet-setting around the globe to various appearances. Though it sounds glamorous, it turns out Harry doesn’t travel in the luxurious way you’d expect for a monarch.

According to one eagle-eyed fan, Prince Harry flew commercial from Rome to London last week just like a normal human being.

The fan in question was Amy Garrick, who Harper’s Bazaar reported was on the same flight as Harry. She snapped a few photos of Harry in the first class cabin of her British Airways flight for proof that she flew alongside the royal. Then, she shared those images to Facebook, where he lost all anonymity completely.

The photos quickly spread to royal fan pages across social media, giving people hope everywhere that the next time they step on a flight they could bump into a royal.

In the photos, Harper’s Bazaar explained, Harry is smartly dressed in a gray suit along with his wedding ring. According to Garrick’s caption, Harry looked “very tired.” She added, "He politely smiled and said hi when he realized I knew who he was."

Though it’s cool to see a royal on a commercial flight it shouldn’t really be all that surprising. After all, Harry is a known low-key traveler and was even spotted with his then-fiance Meghan Markle on an economy flight back in 2018.

At the time, Meghan and Harry reportedly took another British Airways flight to the French Riviera just before New Year's Eve. Harry and Meghan reportedly traveled to the area to celebrate the new year with friends. The pair even reportedly sat in the dreaded last row of the flight in a bid to go unnoticed. Sorry guys, but you’re just too famous to fly commercial without a few people sending a glance your way.

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