Meghan Markle Reads to Archie in New Video to Celebrate His First Birthday

The video also supports an amazing charity.

Meghan Markle holding son Archie next to Prince Harry
Photo: Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

It’s a big day for the littlest member of the royal family.

On Wednesday, May 6, little baby Archie, the first child of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, turned one year old. And it looks like Harry and Meghan are honoring this day by mixing a bit of old royal tradition and their own new-school flair.

Rather than simply release a new photo of Archie on his birthday, Harry and Meghan decided to use the day to also honor a good cause — the Save the Children’s new campaign, @SaveWithStories, which “provides fun and education to kids and parents stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak.”

For his big first birthday, Harry and Meghan released a video on the charity’s Instagram page. Harry was behind the lens shooting the video as Meghan read the book, "Duck! Rabbit!," to a giggling little Archie.

Duck! Rabbit! by @akrfoundation & @tlichtenheld (published by @chroniclekidsbooks),” the caption of the video read. “Read by Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex (with Harry, The Duke of Sussex behind the camera) to their son Archie for his 1st Birthday. Happy Birthday, Archie!”

The video is decidedly more relaxed than what followers have come to expect from members of the British royal family. In the video, Meghan sits comfortably in a chair with Archie bouncing on her lap. Meghan in just a button-down and shorts and Archie cozied up and equally chill in his onesie.

"Let's go to the next page — look Arch!" Meghan says to Archie as they crack open the book together. Meghan remains animated throughout her reading to try to keep her one-year-old’s attention, but as any parent can attest to, this is an impossible task.

As Meghan reads, Archie wiggles around, giggles, and throws another book to the ground, looking up at his dad to pick it up for him.

The video ends with Harry, Meghan, and Archie giggling together, with Harry exclaiming in the background, "Yay! The end! Woo! Bravo!"

While the family most certainly used this day to shine a light on a deserving cause, all people could talk about in the comments was just how much Archie looks like his dad.

“Oh my god! He is Harry's twin wow! What an adorable boy!!” one commenter exclaimed. “He is Prince Harry's double," another added, with one more commenter writing, “Archie is Harry's mini-me.”

Happy birthday Archie, and to those interested, find out more about donating to Save the Children’s new program here.

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