We’ve all been had.

Prince Harry In The Caribbean
Credit: Chris Jackson - Pool/Getty Images

For years, the public has been tricked into believing Prince Harry of England was a cool guy. The kind of guy who could appear in a “most interesting man in the world” commercial, or the kind of guy who could simultaneously be both the life of the party and the chill guy at the bar.

But we’ve been fooled. Turns out Prince Harry is actually really awkward.

On his most recent two-week trip through the Caribbean, on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry proved himself to be a mere mortal, normal guy.

From Antigua and Barbuda to Barbados, Prince Harry has found himself in some awkward moments.

Prince Harry In The Caribbean
Credit: Chris Jackson - Pool/Getty Images

He dropped a British Empire Medal mid-ceremony that he was attempting to pin on the chest of a retired Grenadian farmer. He shielded weird allusions from the prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda about his new girlfriend. His boat docked too early in St. Kitts and Nevis and there was absolutely no one there to greet him.

Throughout the trip, things kept going off track.

But for all of Harry’s so-called awkward situations, he displayed the cardinal virtues of a good travel: a sense of humor and an open mind. When presented with a portrait by a young artist in Grenada, Harry called the picture “amazing” and told the 18-year-old artist that he has “a serious talent.”

Celebs—they get put in weird and uncomfortable social situations just like us! But, then again, they also get to meet Rihanna in Barbados—so maybe they’re not all that awkward after all.

Prince Harry travels to Guyana on Friday and will remain there until December 4 when he flies back to England.