Hikes, bookstore browsing, and cheese shopping.

Hillary Clinton Post-Election Tour

Following a grueling campaign season and the recent loss of the presidential election, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has taken some time out of the public eye.

She has been keeping a low profile since the Nov. 8 election, appearing the following day to present her concession speech, and then delivering an address at the Children’s Defense Fund gala the week after.

“I will admit coming here tonight wasn’t the easiest thing for me,” Clinton said at the gala, the New York Times reported. “There have been a few times this past week when all I wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book, or our dogs, and never leave the house again.”

Clinton has done more than just curl up with a good book, however, as several residents of the Northeastern U.S. have spotted her on outings, often stopping to take photos with supporters.

One Clinton fan spotted the Democratic nominee as she walked her dog through the woods near Chappaqua, New York just days after the election. Facebook user Margot Gerster was taking her two young daughters for a hike when she crossed paths with Hillary and Bill Clinton in the mostly deserted woods, local news outlet WTKR reported.

Gerster, a self-described Clinton supporter was “heartbroken” following the election results and expressed her continuing support for the former candidate in the same Facebook post.

Clinton browsed books at a local bookstore in Westerly, Rhode Island ten days later, being photographed with Jessica Wick, one of the bookstore’s employees.

“I'd have liked to tell her how, at that very bookstore, behind the very same counter she approached to ask about a book, I listened to her concession speech with two of my co-workers and we cried,” Wick wrote on Facebook.

As did millions of Americans throughout the country, Clinton and her husband prepared for their Thanksgiving feast with a stop at a supermarket in Chappaqua.

While former President Bill Clinton had been available for photos in the previous encounters, he was absent this time, NBC News reported.

The former president was “busy looking at cheese,” Mrs. Clinton explained.