Busta Rhymes
Credit: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

It turns out even Busta Rhymes gets touchy over overhead bin space. The hip-hop star was met by police upon arrival at London’s Heathrow Airport Tuesday morning after getting in a heated argument with a fellow passenger who had her luggage in the overhead bin above his first-class seat.

Busta — whose real name is Trevor George Smith Jr. — reportedly boarded a British Airways flight from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport just before the door closed. The Daily Mail reports that after boarding with five carry-on bags, Busta found another first-class passenger’s luggage in the overhead bin. He demanded to know who the luggage belonged to, and when a young British woman said it was hers, witnesses report that Busta became agitated, aggressive, and began insulting her.

When she began crying, the woman’s husband intervened, and the rapper became aggressive toward the man, challenging him physically. A witness told the Daily Mail that when the altercation became more heated, other passengers stepped in and called a staff member to intervene.

Airline staff spoke with Busta and the other passengers to ensure that there would be no further trouble.

The other passengers were given the option to take a later flight to London and Busta was allowed to remain on the five-hour, overnight flight. There was no further incident. Upon arrival in London around 6:52 a.m. on Tuesday, the rapper was met by police and questioned, but not arrested.

“Our cabin crew and captain reassured all the customers involved,” a British Airways spokesperson told the Daily Mail. “All those in the cabin were given the option of moving away, and the flight did not depart until everyone confirmed that they were happy to continue.”

The 47-year-old singer is visiting Europe to perform on the Greek island of Mykonos and at a festival in Romania.