Pippa Middleton and James Matthews Wedding
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Pippa Middleton and her new husband James Matthews are practically professional honeymooners at this point.

The couple, who wed on May 20, have been on a whirlwind honeymoon ever since. As Travel + Leisure previously reported, the newlyweds began their global journey the day after their lavish nuptials in the U.K., flying halfway around the world for a stay at Tetiaroa Island, home to the luxurious 35-villa retreat known as The Brando. Next, the duo was spotted in Sydney, Australia before jetting off to Darwin, the capital of Australia's Northern Territory.

Pippa Middleton Brando Honeymoon
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Along the way the pair has dined at some of the world’s best restaurants, stayed at some seriously over-the-top hotels, and flown not only first class, but on private planes as well. So just how much has this honeymoon, which is entering its third week, cost? According to the Daily Mail, Middleton and Matthews have racked up a £120,000 (just about $155,000) bill. And that is on top of their estimated $1.5 million wedding ceremony and reception.

Bonds Beach Sydney
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Just their first flight alone, from Heathrow to Los Angeles International Airport, could have cost in excess of $13,000, according to the Daily Mail, if they flew business class. From there, they hopped a flight from Los Angeles to the Pacific Islands, which could have added another $8,400 to their bill.

Once on the islands, the couple spent $3,375 a night at The Brando, which is actually a discounted rate thanks to it being the low season.

Cottage Point Inn in Sydney
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Pippa Middleton and James Matthews in Sydney
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Next, the two hopped a flight from the Pacific Islands to Australia. For that flight the Daily Mail estimates the newlyweds spent around $3,700. Upon arrival Middleton and Matthews checked into their accommodations at the Park Hyatt hotel on the Sydney Harbor, where suites go for around $1,000 a night.

Pippa Middleton in a Seaplane
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Pippa Middleton and James Matthews Australia Honeymoon
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Just a day later, the honeymooners hopped on yet another flight to Darwin, which likely set them back another $3,450. And if all this money has you in a cold sweat, just remember, this estimate doesn’t include the cost of food, clothing, staff, and more.

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews in Darwin
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While we have no idea where the royally-adjacent couple will stop next, we do know they plan to end their travels in one of Matthews’ family homes in the Scottish Highlands. Thankfully for their wallets, the pair will only have to pay for flights to and from the area, though mere commoners can also experience the renovated eight-room Victorian mansion on a 10,000-acre estate for themselves. All you need to do is shell out $13,300 to rent the place for eight people for three nights. For $20,000, the estate will accommodate a full party of 16 people.