By Siobhan Reid
July 18, 2019
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Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau in Marco Island filming Caribbean Pirate Treasure
Credit: Courtesy of The Travel Channel

Philippe Cousteau, the grandson of the famed conservationist Jacques, shares his grandfather's passion for adventure. With his wife, journalist Ashlan Cousteau, Philippe has traversed the globe, exploring the jungle of Sumatra, the underwater caves of Dominica, and other exotic destinations. Here, the intrepid couple highlight their favorite gear for action-packed trips.

Photo Equipment Case

Pelican Camera Case
Credit: Courtesy of Pelican Products, Inc.

Philippe Cousteau: “My Sony camera and underwater photography gear are precious to me. So whenever I go on a dive trip, I pack everything in my watertight 1535 Air Carry-On Case by Pelican. Their products are bomb-proof.”

Hiking Sneakers

North Face hiking shoe
Credit: Courtesy of The North Face

Ashlan Cousteau: “North Face Ultra Fastpack III sneakers are lightweight, breathable, and good-looking enough to be worn at the airport. And thanks to their sturdy Gore-Tex uppers, they can also endure long hiking trips through the jungle.”

Water Purifier

GRAYL water purifier
Credit: Courtesy of GRAYL

AC: “Grayl purifiers were created by a group of globetrotters who didn’t want to stock up on plastic water bottles everywhere they went. The purifiers work like a French press, forcing water through a carbon filter and ridding it of 99 percent of viruses and bacteria. They’re great for camping trips and in destinations—the airport included—where the drinking water doesn’t quite taste right.”


Dubarry vest
Credit: Courtesy of Dubarry of Ireland

AC: “I discovered Dubarry, an Irish equestrian brand, while traveling in Dublin. Their clothing is rugged but also chic. I’m a big fan of their waxed-cotton Oranmore vest.”

Sturdy-Chic Luggage

Vintage Louis Vuitton Duffel Bag
Credit: Courtesy of The RealReal

AC: “Not a lot of people know this, but I’m told Louis Vuitton was the first travel-expedition brand. Their leather goods had compartments for whiskey beakers and champagne flutes and basically functioned as traveling bars. Sadly, I don’t own one of those, but my vintage weekender, which I bought from the luxury consignment company the RealReal eight years ago, evokes the romance of that bygone era. It lived a life before me, and I hope to give it to my daughter when she’s older.”

Ginger Candy

Gin Gin ginger candy
Credit: Courtesy of Ginger People Group

AC: “Nothing calms an upset stomach like Gin-Gins ginger chews. I’ll bring them with me if I know I’ll be on a rocky boat
or in an airplane.”

Truffle Salt

Hepp's Black Truffle Salt
Credit: Courtesy of Hepp's Salt Co.

PC: “Napoleon supposedly said that an army marches on its stomach, and I’d argue that expeditions do, too. From the jungles of Sumatra to the Arctic Circle, I have found that a little culinary treat like truffle salt can make all the difference.