Paris Hilton Stars in Ad for Her Family's Hotel — and It's Just As Over the Top As You'd Expect

The socialite is getting in on the family business as a star of one of their newest ads.

Hilton Hotels has a new ad campaign out, and it's starring the absolute right person.

On Monday, the hotel brand unveiled its latest campaign video starring none other than Paris Hilton, the great granddaughter of Hilton Hotels founder Conrad Hilton.

In the 30-second spot, we see the socialite, 41, entering her hotel room with her pet in tow (via the hotel company's in-app contactless keys, no less), followed by a parade of bellhops assisting her with her copious luggage.

"Where should we put your luggage, Ms. Hilton?" a bellman asks.

"In the connecting room, please," Hilton says with a smile.

Then, she provides a "sliving" tip for viewers, which, if you're not in the know, is Hilton's new catchphrase combining the words "slaying" and "living."

"Book confirmed connecting room for an extra large closet," she advises. "Or, you know, for your family."

The ad is also narrated by "Schitt's Creek" star Catherine O'Hara.

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According to Hilton (the brand, not the person), the ad is part of its larger campaign, "Hilton. For the Stay" which "places the hotel front and center," and "to push against some of the common but unspoken pitfalls of travel, boldly poking fun at what can go wrong when booking or on a trip."

"With 'Hilton. For the Stay,' we are more fully connecting our external customer marketing to our purpose – staking our rightful claim that Hilton owns the Stay," Mark Weinstein, the chief marketing officer at Hilton, shared in a statement. "As others tout the generic virtues of travel, minimize the role of the hotel and the hotel team members, and romanticize the destination, through our platform and the campaign it inspires, we're reminding travelers that 'It Matters Where You Stay' and boldly affirming 'Hilton. For the Stay.'"

The heiress isn't the only fun part of the campaign. The other spots explore more travel pitfalls, like this one poking fun at vacation rentals:

And this one focusing on the family travel nightmare of non-connecting rooms:

Though really, we'd all love to see more of (Paris) Hilton's travels, because who doesn't want to travel like an heiress?

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