The Oscars gift bag always includes some fabulous perks, but this year, the travel swag is truly over the top.

Credit: Getty Images/Cultura RF

Only a select few will actually walk away with a golden statue on February 28, but those who don't win an Oscar will get a primo consolation prize: an insane goodie bag worth some $200,000. This tradition dates back to 2001, when nominees received a swag bag worth $10,000.

There have always been travel perks in these bags, which are put together by a company called Distinctive Assets—in 2004, there was a gift certificate for a Mexican resort (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin reportedly spend their honeymoon there); last year, everyone got a three-day stay in Tuscany and a train ride through the Canadian Rockies worth $14,500.

But this year's travel gifts are seriously over the top. Each nominee is getting a 10-day, first-class trip to Israel (worth $55,000)—a destination that's gotten tons of stylish updates. " presented a package I simply couldn't say no to," says Distinctive Assets founder Lash Fary. "Everything is included: first-class airline tickets, 5-star hotel accommodations, gourmet food, and even a private bodyguard." There's also a 15-day walking tour of Japan ($45,000) and a full year's worth of unlimited Audi car rentals through Silvercar ($45,000). "I seek out trips that I think talent will actually take time out of their busy lives to experience," says Fary. If you've got a trip planned to any of these destinations, keep an eye out for celebrities recovering from their Oscar losses. As per usual, there are several bizarre gifts in the bag too: a $250 vaporizer, a $1,900 "Vampire Breast Lift," and $275 luxury toilet paper.

There is one downside: the IRS has decided that these gifts are considered income, and therefore taxable. But if you're an A-lister, that's a (relatively) small price to pay for an incredible, all-expenses-paid trip.