How Oprah, Mindy and Reese Are Exploring New Zealand

How Oprah visits New Zealand
Photo: Robin Smith/Getty Images

Earlier this month, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy Kaling arrived in New Zealand to film a reboot of “A Wrinkle in Time.”

The country makes perfect sense for the new Disney film. New Zealand is famous for its incredible, out-of-this world landscapes (as made famous in “Lord of the Rings”). To recreate the story’s fantasy world, filmmakers decided to shoot near Lake Hawea in Wanaka.

It’s a beautiful enough destination on its own, but on break between shoots, the famous trio has begun to explore the country.

Witherspoon escaped to attend a yoga retreat on South Island. She chose Aro Ho Wellness Retreats, a luxury resort overlooking Lake Wakatipu.

And went horseback riding.

But because a trip becomes much more fun when you ignore wellness for a bit, Witherspoon also made a stop in New Zealand wine country. She chose to stop at Amisfield Winery in Central Otago for a glass of pinot noir.

Meanwhile, Kaling has been Instagramming and sharing the magnificent New Zealand sky with her followers.

She also made time for a lakeside hot-tub soak with wine.

Kaling also explored Mount Creighton on South Island.

And, of course, no trip is complete with experiencing the local cuisine.

As for Oprah, she is taking in the natural landscapes of New Zealand.

She is especially a fan of Lake Hawea.

But for those who are really determined to travel like Oprah herself, there’s one thing to practice before taking off: Shout-singing the name of the place you’re visiting. Naturally, Oprah has already become a pro at shouting “New Zeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaland!”

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