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Oliva Culpo
Oliva Culpo
| Credit: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

As a busy model, actress and influencer — with 3.4 million followers on Instagram — Olivia Culpo is often traveling far and wide.

She went to Paris Fashion Week in September where she stopped by the Redemption and Balmain shows, and in October she was in New York to help open fitness brand P.Volve's new studio in Soho. And as a workout devotee, the former Miss USA winner doesn't let a busy schedule (or jet lag) get in the way of her fitness or beauty regimes.

Cue her partnership with the fitness studio that also offers an on-demand streaming workout and in addition to their classes in New York City.

"I love P.volve because it’s all about stretching and toning the muscles," she said. "This workout is all about lengthening and I love that look for my body type. The p.ball targets the inner and outer thigh areas really well. You don’t think you are moving that much, and then the next day you are so sore!"

Travel + Leisure spoke with the model about some of her tricks for staying healthy while traveling, what she does to keep her skin in check after a long plane ride, and the one thing she absolutely cannot travel without.

Olivia Culpo
Olivia Culpo
| Credit: Getty Images

T+L: You travel a lot for work. How do you stay healthy when your normal routine is disrupted?

Culpo: Traveling can be so hard for keeping up your healthy living but it’s important to practice everything in moderation. I definitely can get major jet lag and even a bit homesick when I travel a lot. I have found that if I double my water intake —including incorporating coconut water for more hydration — and I workout I actually feel better. I might head to the hotel gym to run a bit and stream P.volve so I am staying toned. Oh, and I love to visit the hotel spa and steam room!

T+L: Do you have any great skincare tricks for when you are traveling?

Culpo: It’s so important to keep your skincare routine up while you are traveling. I use Laura Mercier tinted SPF and Vital Proteins Collagen Powder. Your skin can get confused if you are sticking to a routine until you travel, and then you switch to whatever you have in travel size bottles. It takes a long time, but it’s worth transferring your products into travel bottles if you are not checking a bag. If you are checking a bag (or two) then pack everything!

T+L: How do you incorporate your wellness practices into your life when you travel or just when you have a super busy schedule?

Culpo: Sometimes it’s about listening to your body and choosing to get extra sleep while traveling rather than working out or vice versa. I always travel with workout equipment and love the P.volve p.balland p.band so I can do it from anywhere, anytime. My overall life motto is moderation. There is a time for [working] out so you might as well make it easy for yourself. There is a time for sleep so put on a sleep mask and relax. And there is a time to get out and walk around a new city and try some new foods. Balance everything as best as you can.

T+L: Do you do anything beauty, hair or skincare wise on the plane so when you get off you look fresh-faced?

Culpo: I love to travel with a facial spray to spritz on my face right when I land. Right now, I am using the Dr. Barbara Sturm hyaluronic acid spray and Summer Friday’s mask.

T+L: What’s the one thing you cannot travel without?

Culpo: Believe it or not, I really love to travel with my own pillow. It helps me sleep anywhere and keeps a sense of home with me no matter where I go. I also love to travel with a SILK eye mask, and I am the queen of snacks. If you look in any of my carry on bags, you are guaranteed to find trail mix, a granola bar, or M&Ms.

T+L: What do you like to do on the plane?

Culpo: I usually use flights to catch up on sleep. But if I am not sleeping I love to read a good book, and journal. It’s the perfect time to shut off your phone and decompress.

T+L: Do you have a go-to plane outfit?

Culpo: I always travel in something comfortable but I try to make it stylish. You can wear sweats, but if they match and you have a crisp white sneaker and a nice bag you still look polished. I typically sleep on planes, so being comfortable is key.

T+L: Do you have any tricks for beating jet lag?

Culpo: Sleep!! And LOTS of water. I also drink AmazingGreens electrolyte tablets while flying to make up for the dehydration of flying.

T+L: What brand and size is your go-to carry-on?

Culpo: Right now I am using a big Louis Vuitton Carry All bag. I have so many suitcases. Some of them could fit a body I swear! It's great because I have been known to overpack!

T+L: What's the best trip you've taken recently? What is the next big trip you really want to go on?

Culpo: Paris Fashion week was amazing. I love seeing what all of the designers have created for the upcoming season, and I am always blown away by the shows — and the food! Next trip, I'd love to go somewhere tropical! I’ve always wanted to go to the Maldives. The beaches look incredible and the water is so clear! I am happiest at a beach.