Barack Obama and Dalai Lama meet in hotel room in India
Credit: @DalaiLama via Twitter (Tenzin Taklha)

Former President Barack Obama is staying busy in his post White House life. Last week, he embarked on a mini five-day, three-country world tour, which included a stop in Paris to have lunch with French President Emmanuel Macron. There, Obama also gave a speech at the biannual Les Napoleons summit, a conference for those working in communications, and met with Francois Hollande, Macron’s predecessor.

Along his travels, Obama also sat with the Dalai Lama for a meeting to discuss promoting peace in a world “torn by strife and violence.” It is the sixth time the pair have met, according to CNN.

“It was very good,” the Dalai Lama said of his sitdown with the former president. “I think we are really two old trusted friend[s]. I mentioned to him that now time has come for us to promote the sense of oneness among seven billion human beings. It is sad to see there are so much differences among people.”

Kasur Tempa Tsering, a representative for the Dalai Lama, told HuffPost that in the meeting, which lasted for just under an hour, the men “dwelled on various topics pertaining to promoting peace in today’s world torn by strife and violence.”

According to Tsering, the Dalai Lama told Obama, “You are not only a former U.S. president but you are a Nobel laureate, you are young and you can do a lot. We should fulfill our aspiration for world peace. Maybe my generation will not see the results, but your generation will definitely see the results.”

Barack Obama meets Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India
Credit: @narendramodi via Twitter

Beyond his meeting with the holy leader, Obama also stopped by to meet with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and appeared at a leadership summit hosted by the Hindustan Times. At the event Obama appeared to take a light-hearted jab at President Donald Trump when he said, “I actually have more [Twitter followers] than other people who use it more often.”

Obama then took a serious tone when discussing social media at the event. “Don’t say the first thing that pops into your head, just have a little bit of an edit function, that’s wise for life generally," he said. "You see people getting in all kinds of trouble because they sent out some tweet and then they’re trying to erase it afterwards but somebody’s screenshotted it and they’re getting embarrassed.”

Beyond India and France, Obama also stopped into China to say a quick hello to Chinese president Xi Jinping. According to the Guardian, the pair had a very brief meeting, which local state-run news summed up as, “Xi made a positive appraisal of Obama’s efforts in promoting China-U.S. relations during his presidency.”

No word yet on where Obama will head next, but you can bet it will be fabulous.