Barack Obama Alaska Airport
Credit: Courtesy of Jolene Jackinsky

While heading home from his recent travels in Asia, former President Barack Obama had a short stopover in Alaska where he took some time to snap a few photos with a very, very young fan.

Jolene Jackinsky was traveling through Anchorage with her 6-month-old baby girl Giselle when she accidently entered an area of the airport meant for private flights. It was there that she spotted a man she thought looked like the former commander-in-chief.

“As I got closer, I thought: Oh my God, it is Obama,” Jackinsky told NBC from her vacation in Newhalen, a small village along the Alaskan coast.

Obama, USA Today reported, was on a layover in Alaska while traveling back from Seoul, South Korea, and Jakarta, Indonesia, where he spoke at the Asian Leadership Conference in South Korea and the Fourth Congress of the Indonesian Diaspora convention. Prior to the conferences, Obama also took his entire family, including daughters Sasha and Malia, on vacation to Bali where they went white water rafting and stayed at the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan.

Of her chance encounter with the former president, Jackinsky explained that Obama spotted them just as quickly as she spotted him and came over to say hello to the adorable child.

Barack Obama Alaska Airport
Credit: Courtesy of Jolene Jackinsky

According to Jackinsky, Obama asked, “Who is this pretty girl?” The two then discussed parenting and how fast children grow up. The pair chatted for about five minutes, Jackinsky said, before her husband walked in and Obama joked, “I’m taking your baby.”

It’s no surprise Obama jumped at the chance to cuddle up to the baby girl. As CNN noted, during his presidency Obama’s love of children became well-known after a video of him comforting a fussy baby went viral. Moreover, Pete Souza, Obama's White House photographer, regularly snapped photos of the world leader taking time out of his schedule to hang out with any and all children visiting the White House.

Before departing the private lounge Jackinsky asked to take a quick photo with the former president and her baby, who she said stayed calm and content in Obama’s arms throughout the entire encounter.

“It was only five minutes but it was a moment that will last forever,” she said. “I think it's unreal and pretty exciting that I get to have a picture with him and my baby. Not a lot of people get to meet him.”