By Stacey Leasca
August 29, 2019
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Most frequent flyers have a few airplane quirks. Maybe you order the same drink on every flight, request the same seat, or need to eat the exact same meal at 30,000 feet. Whatever your thing is that’s OK, as nothing can top Nicole Richie’s flying routine.

On Thursday, Richie’s good friend Heidi Klum posted an Instagram video of the two of them boarding a plane together. As the duo settle into their first-class seats, Richie begins her over-the-top flight routine.

“I thought only Naomi Campbell was the nutjob,” Klum joked, poking a bit of fun at Campbell’s also rather in-depth flight routine.

To begin, Richie straps on a pair of rubber gloves. She then takes out an antibacterial wipe to clean up the tray table surface.

“Think about how many people use this,” Richie said as she cleaned. The pair then each order a glass of wine and a Bloody Mary before continuing to clean again.

While wiping down the surfaces is one thing, Richie takes it to a whole new level with a cover for her entire airline seat. Though, to be fair, seat covers have been around for a little while, like these Seat Sitters. This tiny $15 kit comes with a reusable seat and tray table cover, sanitary wipes, and even an allergy mask so you can be like Richie and Campbell too.

The video ends with Richie comfortably taking a seat in her now meticulously cleaned space. Though the entire thing may look funny, Richie may actually be onto something.

As Travel + Leisure previously reported, travelers are up to 100 times more likely to contract a cold while flying. The best way to combat catching a cold on a flight, according to one study, is to comfortably sleep as much as you can. And, if you get comfortable by disinfecting every surface and covering your chair like Richie than so be it. Whatever makes you relax, and makes your journey more comfortable, is going to help you. So, clean, then sit back and enjoy the ride.