Nicki Minaj boarding her plane


If you want to travel like a boss, just take notes from Nicki Minaj.

While traveling from London to Prague this week, the rap superstar demonstrated the correct way to board a plane, particularly if you are too fabulous for this world.

“Attention,” Minaj says in the video, “This is how bad b*tches leave London and go to Prague.”

Then, she turns away from the camera and struts across the tarmac to her jet, flipping her long, luxurious hair along the way. We get it, Nicki. We really need to step up our game if we want to get on your level.

Minaj is no stranger to living large while traveling across the planet. She twerks on limos while waiting to board, carts her Louis Vuitton bags wherever she goes, and she even once told a pilot to turn around because she forgot her sunglasses.

Her most recent post spawned a new hashtag, the #NickiMinajChallenge, where fans show they too can live large while living their daily lives. They might not be taking private jets to Prague, but they can still look great while taking out the garbage or buy milk.

The hashtag is also a dig at the #BowWowChallenge, which made fun of musician Bow Wow, who posted a photo of a private jet, which the internet quickly discovered was not his when he was seen on a commercial flight.

Nicki, however, is all about the genuine luxe life. And she is here to teach us her ways.