By Stacey Leasca
December 12, 2018

You’re probably aware of the fact that Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra got married last week. You know, because of their plentiful social media posts, their People cover, and their constant gushing about their love for one another. Though you’ve likely pored over every detail of their stunning wedding, you may not be aware of where the pair honeymooned. Until now.

On Wednesday, the Daily Mail reported the duo spent a brief few days on a mini-moon in Oman before heading back to India for a friend’s wedding and work engagements. But, although their trip was brief, it looked to be nothing short of pure bliss.

During their stay, the couple documented their every move from their unnamed beachside resort. In her Instagram story, Chopra showed off her sand art skills with a heart drawn in the sand along with their married initials, NJ and PCJ, inside it.

Next, Chopra shared a photo of the pair as they snuggled up on the beach with the caption, "Marital bliss they say...”

For his part, Nick shared their extremely family-friendly nighttime activities. That included a screening of "Elf."

"Her first time watching Elf. @priyankachopra," Jonas captioned the short clip.

Chopra even left a comment on the post reading, "Lol!!!! Husband taking sly videos when I'm so invested in Santa is so husband like.”

The pair sadly had to cut their honeymoon short, as both had previous work and personal commitments.

"My work and Nick’s work are very important to us," Chopra said in an interview with NDTV. That work included attending Bumble's launch party events in India. "My commitments matter to me a lot," she added. "My word is my bond. And we had decided to do this a long time ago before anyone was getting married and so I stuck to my commitment."

Something tells us that commitment to commitment will serve her marriage well too.