The Palace Shares a New Photo of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth in Celebration of his 99th Birthday

Prince Philip is celebrating a milestone birthday today.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip at Windsor Castle
Photo: Steve Parsons/PA Images via Getty Images

Today marks a tremendously important day in the royal family as June 10, 2020 happens to be Prince Philip’s 99th birthday. Though the plans to celebrate this monumental day have been scratched due to the coronavirus pandemic, the royal family is still honoring Philip’s big day with a sweet social media post.

On Tuesday, the family shared on Instagram, “This new photograph of The Duke of Edinburgh and The Queen was taken last week in the quadrangle at Windsor Castle to mark His Royal Highness’s 99th birthday tomorrow.”

The image shows a beaming Queen Elizabeth decked out in her spring floral best as she stands next to her equally besotted husband, Prince Philip.

The couple has been social distancing and self-isolating since the pandemic began, which is why neither one will be celebrating their birthdays this year with any great fanfare.

"The Queen won’t do anything which goes against the advice of people in her [age] category and she’s going to take all the appropriate advice," a source shared with The Times. "There are discussions about what we could and couldn’t do come October. We haven’t canceled a load of engagements, but nothing is going into Her Majesty’s diary at the moment. If there is advice in the coming months that it’s fine for her to come back to London, she may do that, but until that time, she’d want to be seen to be being responsible in her actions for the nation."

As for Philip’s birthday, Royal expert Robert Lacey told the Daily Mail that he will likely spend the day making virtual calls to his family and keep things low-key.

“He is suspicious of fuss, but I think there’ll be a quiet glow of pride there and quite justified,” Lacey said. “That’s always been his style. Lowkey, but tremendously solid support.”

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