Was it a bird? Was it Superman?
Oklahoma City Thunder Team Airplane

NBA players from the Oklahoma City Thunder got a surprise when they got off their flight in Chicago this weekend: The front of their aircraft was badly dented after likely colliding with a bird during the flight.

Although the giant dent in the nose cone looks scary, none of the passengers or crew were injured. The status of the bird, however, is probably not good.

After the collision, many of the players wondered what could have possibly hit the plane to cause such damage. One player, Steven Adams, even jokingly tweeted to NASA, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye for some guesses.

Another player, Carmelo Anthony, wrote on Instagram, “What possibly could we have hit in the SKY at this time of night?”

The plane landed safely, and Delta Air Lines spokeswoman Elizabeth Wolf confirmed in an email to the Chicago Tribune that the accident was likely caused by a bird.

Bird strikes are not uncommon, and this is definitely not the first time a feathered friend has made an impact. Last year, an American Airlines flight was forced to turn around after hitting a large bird mid-flight. That incident left similar damage to the aircraft.

Thunder Coach Billy Donovan said that the collision caused “some turbulence” and caused the plane to drop, according to the Chicago Tribune.