Sophie Trudeau Michelle Obama Toronto Canada
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto; NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images [edited]

Michelle Obama is truly living her best post-White House life. The former first lady was spotted this week spending time in Canada with friend and fellow first lady Sophie Trudeau.

The pair, who first met during Sophie and husband Justin Trudeau’s state visit to the United States in 2016, were spotted shopping in Toronto Tuesday and grabbing a bite to eat together at Gusto 101 where, according to The Cut, they split a kale salad, grilled octopus, buffalo mozzarella, ravioli, shrimp pasta, and shishito peppers like only true BFFs do.

Obama was in Canada not just to visit her “soulmate” but to also give her first solo speech since leaving the White House in January at the Ryerson’s Mattamy Athletic Centre.

During her speech, which was titled “Advancing Women and Girls to Change the World,” Obama openly discussed gender equality and the effects of poor communication with the 3,000 people in attendance.

She took particular aim at communication on social media.

“What’s up with you young people? This tweetin’ and Snapchattin’ . . . this is generationally something that I just don’t understand,” Obama said. “Would you take your journal, your diary, and open it up in the center of the town square and let people just read it? Just come up and go, ‘Ooh, this is how you felt about your mother?’”

She added that it’s also never a good idea to tweet your every thought, especially the ones you have first thing in the morning while still laying in bed. As for gender equality, Obama put the responsibility of fixing what is wrong in the world squarely on men’s shoulders during her speech.

“The question for men is, ‘What have you done lately?’” she said. “How have you made space in your position of power, where are you in this?’”