Meghan Markle Reportedly Took a Two-hour Class on How to Drink Tea Before Moving to England

Meghan Markle
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Before becoming the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle was a mere commoner just like the rest of us. So, before marrying Prince Harry it’s no surprise she had to take a crash course in being a royal. However, according to a new report, that training may have been much more extensive than we thought.

Prior to meeting with Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, Meghan reportedly underwent a two-hour-long training session on how to handle her tea. That lesson happened to take place in a space Meghan was comfortable in — the Rose Tree Cottage tea room in Pasadena, California.

“She enjoyed it so much that she wanted to come back,” Edmund Fry, a Londoner who runs the tea house, shared with Daily Mail. “The younger generation doesn't know what bone china is and certainly don't know anything about how to handle a cup and saucer, or how to handle a knife and fork.”

According to Fry, clients like Meghan typically come to him to find out just what they should do during a social event with the United Kingdom’s high society.

“The same sort of thing happened with Meghan. She knew she would be having tea with the Queen,” Fry said. “Here they really do not know what to do. What we have found is that we give them a little information if they are interested and watch what happens.”

Of American society, Fry added, “We live in a society here which is a Styrofoam cup or cardboard cups with a straw and everybody eats with their hands as we see with the ads on television. It is a wonder they know what a knife and fork is.”

Fry also credited himself for Meghan’s new love of English society. As he noted, “I don't think she did. I think she fell in love with England when she came to Rose Tree Cottage. A very strange thing to say, and probably self-serving. But when you come to a place like Rose Tree we don't pretend to be urban here. We bring something that you cannot find in England anymore because we really care about our customers.”

Thankfully, it appears Meghan loves England plenty now too.

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