By Stacey Leasca
October 08, 2019
Dominic Lipinski - PA Images/Getty Images

Sure, you may think of Instagram’s hilarious filters as old news, but they are brand new to a royal like Meghan Markle.

The Duchess of Sussex had to (sadly) give up her social media accounts and her blog, The Tig, before joining the royal family. And that means she likely never got to stick hearts emojis on anything (double sad). However, during her recent visit to South Africa, Meghan got to finally see her face with the social media platform’s augmented reality filters. And it was freaking adorable.

While visiting with Nikiwe Dlova, founder of the hair street culture platform Own Ur Crown, in Johannesburg, the Duchess got to try out the sweet Instagram filter that included a royal appropriate flower crown. Thankfully, Dlova was kind enough to share Meghan’s reaction to the filter with all of her followers on Instagram.

“She loved It!!” Dlova wrote in the caption of her Instagram post. “When she looked away she realized it was the same headpiece I was holding! This is an experience I will never forget!!!”

The Instagram moment came on the last day of Harry and Meghan’s royal tour of Africa. The lighthearted post happened just after Meghan gave her final speech in South Africa, which the official @SussexRoyal Instagram account shared as well.

“I remember being a young girl watching TV and seeing what was happening in the world, and frankly, often feeling despair. When you constantly see and hear negativity, it can be overwhelming; you can feel powerless and lost, you can feel different, confused, or like you just don’t belong.” Meghan said. "And I’m sure there is a young girl or boy watching this and thinking the exact same thing. So, this is for you."