Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, are proving to be a thoroughly modern pair. Not only do they often buck royal traditions, but they are now reportedly forging their own path when it comes to rearing their children as well.

According to Vanity Fair, the duo is currently hard at work nesting at their new home at Frogmore House in Windsor. There, the couple also plans to raise their baby, who is reportedly due in late April. But, they will supposedly do so without the help of a nanny.

As Vanity Fair reported, Harry and Meghan are currently building an eco-friendly and gender-neutral nursery that is being painted in a white-and-gray color scheme. The nursery will include a bedroom, playroom, and a spare bedroom for when Meghan’s mother, Doria, moves in.

They are going all out with the refurbishment of the house, and as Harry loves his gadgets, it’s going to be very cool. "They’ll be able to control everything from their smart phones,” a source told Vanity Fair.

But, perhaps most surprisingly, according to sources who spoke to Vanity Fair, they will not be hiring a nanny to help care for the impending arrival. At least initially. Instead, the magazine reported, the couple will rely on their own parenting and the help of Meghan’s mom.

As for the rest of the home, the pair reportedly hired Soho House’s lead interior designers to renovate the property. According to reports, Vicky Charles, Soho Farmhouse’s design director, is leading the project. In total, the renovations are reported to cost somewhere around $3 million.

“They are so excited about moving into the house,” the source told Vanity Fair. “Meghan is super stylish and loves interior design so she’ll go all out with the nursery but also the kitchen, which she has designed as well as all the living areas. She wants the place to be filled with light, modern but also with a touch of the shabby-chic style that she loves.”

Hopefully, the eco-friendly and neutral home will be tranquil enough to make it through the sleepless newborn nights to come.