Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry of Sussex
Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

In April, Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry finally joined the world of social media with their very own Instagram account. Within mere hours the royal couple amassed millions of followers — but they only followed 15 accounts in return. The couple isn’t even following the other royal accounts. However, it’s not because they are stingy with their follows. Rather, it’s because they are strategic.

You see, every single account Meghan and Harry follow on social media is an account representing a cause they support.

“This month we turned to you for ideas of accounts to follow featuring people, organisations and causes that you find inspiring or noteworthy. Thank you to each and every one of you who contributed,” the couple wrote in an Instagram caption about the accounts they follow. “Many of you have suggested that we use this month as an opportunity to highlight lesser known organisations and shine a light on those working hard behind the scenes that may not get the level of attention that they so rightly deserve.”

The couple added, the accounts they follow showcase those “persevering at the grassroots level, connecting our global community through a shared lens of giving back and helping one another.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex then thanked their followers for being a part of the conversation with them. “We hope everyone has enjoyed discovering many of these accounts and engaging with each other on how we can all be Forces For Change.”

So, who exactly are they following? Here are all 15 accounts, in case you too would like to be in-the-know about some worthy causes.

Tiny Tickers

Tiny Tickers works to improve the early detection and diagnosis of heart defects in babies.

Global Wellness Day

Global Wellness Day is a non-profit day and a social platform created for living well.

Art of Hope

An American non-profit committed to supporting mental health needs for refugees of war-torn countries.

Love the Oceans

Love the Oceans Conservation is a Mozambique-bases charity focusing on marine conservation and research.

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue is equipping Australians with skills and knowledge to improve their mental health.

Lion Guardians

Lion Guardians is a conservation organization that promotes coexistence between people and lions.

Rafiki Mwema

Rafiki Mwema is an Australian-based charity operating safe houses in Kenya for child survivors of sexual abuse.

Earth Day Network

Earth Day Network is an organization building the world’s largest environmental movement

Plan International

Plan International is a UK-based children’s charity aimed at advancing girls' rights and equality across the globe.

Children International

Children International works to end poverty for children and their families.

Free Wheelchair Mission

Free Wheelchair Mission works to provide every single person with a wheelchair who needs one.


Beecasue is dedicated to increasing the global bee population.

BlinkNow Foundation

BlinkNow established and supports the Kopila Valley Children's Home and School in Surkhet, Nepal.

Waves for Change

Waves for Change provides safe spaces and instruction for weekly surf therapy sessions.

Pawsitive Change Program

The Pawsitive Change Program pairs shelter dogs with inmates in California Prisons.