An etiquette expert says certain breeds match certain social classes.

A Beagle dog and Meghan Markle
Credit: Getty Images [edited]

Meghan Markle may be the most judged woman on the planet right now. From her hairstyles, to her bags, to whether or not she chooses to hug people, every aspect of her life is suddenly under a microscope. And with her upcoming wedding to Prince Harry you can bet that it will become even more absurd when she's a full-fledged royal.

Don’t believe me? Even her dog breed of choice is now being examined for royal credibility.

According to etiquette expert William Hanson, a person's preferred dog breed can say a lot about them.

“The finest breeds are Labradors and of course the Queen's beloved corgis, but other types of dogs will put you surprisingly low on the social scale,” Hanson wrote in a new article for the Daily Mail.

So which dogs does Hanson consider less than royal?

“The Dalmatians, English setter, golden retriever, Weimaraner and rottweiler breeds place your pet (and you) as upper middle class, whereas rougher haired terriers, great danes, wolfhounds, red setters and Cocker Spaniels are more mainstream middle class - largely due to the slightly pretty, more cuddly appearance and temperament.” This then means that Lupo, the English Cocker Spaniel owned by Prince William and Kate Middleton, makes them middle class. (And if they’re middle class we’re all the Queen of England, am I right?)

However, Hanson added that “working” dogs such as labs and beagles would be at the top of the canine social hierarchy. This means one of Meghan’s beloved dogs, her beagle Guy who is already living at Kensington, will be welcomed into the royal family.

“Meghan Markle's beagle, Guy, will be a good and appropriate addition to the canine cognoscenti when she marries into the British royal family in May,” he wrote.

However, her other pup, a lab-shepherd mix named Bogart, wouldn’t quite fit the bill for a royal dog because according to Hanson he’s a “mongrel.”

In the end there are plenty of ways to judge Meghan’s royalness. Do it by her charitable giving, her dedication to the betterment of the United Kingdom, and her kindness to her new subjects. Don’t do it by the breed of her dog.

After all, would you say this beast isn’t royal?

And you’d never speak so poorly of this fine chap.

Or of this lovely lady, who should absolutely be a duchess.

Yeah, we didn’t think so. Now, let’s hold our judgments for Meghan’s wedding day when we can all dissect every single thing about her dress.